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Melanie Blaser

Melanie Blaser
Fondatrice, directrice
Founder, Director


  • Human Resources professional with a specialisation in Compensation & Benefits, with 15+ years’ experience. Experienced in partnering with management and all HR disciplines, in complex and cross-functional environments.

  • Experience in:

✔️ Compensation structure and strategy
✔️ Job Architecture
✔️ Job evaluation and grading (salary bands)
✔️ Salary review
✔️ Benchmarking
✔️ Career paths
✔️ Soft skills
✔️ HR processes
✔️ Equity Plan administration
✔️ Company values, culture, rules, policies

💡 I implemented the first electronic salary review on SAP in 2003

📈 Industries:
Energy, Pharma, Telecom, Security Technology, Food Technology, Health Insurance.

🌍 Freelance translator, reviser, reviewer, proofreader: CVs and application letters, company regulations, PhD thesis in law and regional development, "travaux de maturité", websites, tourist guidebook, annual business reports and texts on climate change, construction industry, migration, health, maternity.

📖 Author of articles on the world of work.


  • Project Management

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in HR Digitalisation

  • Translation Certificate

  • Cambridge Proficiency in English

  • Master in Arts — French and Italian Language and Literature. History and Aesthetics of Cinema

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Impaktify is a global network organisation of diverse professionals that offers a unique proposition to CEOs and leaders. Combining collaborative, co-design methods with technical workforce expertise to make a step change toward awakening human potential.


  • Plus de 15 ans dans les ressources humaines, notamment en rémunération et avantages (Compensation & Benefits) dans des domaines variés : pharmaceutique, télécom, technologie de sécurité, technologie alimentaire, assurances de personnes

  • 10 ans d'expérience en traduction de l'anglais au français et révision de textes en français, y compris des documents traduits de l'allemand, italien ou espagnol

  • 5 ans d'expatriation au Vietnam, où j'étais trésorière bénévole

  • 19 articles sur le monde de l'emploi


  • Gestion de projet

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) en Digitalisation de la fonction RH

  • Certificat de traduction

  • Cambridge Proficiency in English

  • Licence ès-Lettres (Master) — langues et littératures françaises et italiennes, histoire et esthétique du cinéma

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